Mexico park patrol by DNEST autonomous drone solution and DJI Mavic
park patrol by DNEST drone in a box

Time: 2021-11-22 

Location: Parque Bicentenario, Mexico city 

Applicationdrone inspection

Device: Heisha DNEST autonomous drone solution (DJI Mavic included)

Parque Bicentenario has about 55 hectares area, 5 areas included, the local government is aimed to make this park an ecosystem friendly environment, thus a bunch of latest technology has been brought in, Heisha DNEST autonomous drone solution is included. 

DNEST Diab drone in-a-box solution works for Parque Bicentenario offers a fully autonomous drone system that integrates remote inspection and patrolling with the least cost, highest effective, and easiest operation.

“It is an unprecedented project in Mexico City and one of the largest in the world: for 3 years environmental remediation work was carried out to convert the 55-hectare property into a space where all the ecosystems of the Republic could be housed and totally suitable for the recreation of families.

To achieve this goal, the latest technologies were used to free it from any polluting substance (bioremediation, biopiles, vapor extraction, drones, among other techniques).”

Manager of Parque Bicentenario

At least 5 people take to patrol the whole five areas, and it takes about 1 hour to finish the patrol, their salaries and valuable time are the main costs of the park. With DNEST drone and drone recharging station, only one operation and a laptop will do the work in about 15 minutes. 
“It really is a strong relaxant, security and emergency situation can be locked at the first time with drones, the easy operation of a laptop can zoom in the drone view to observe from the office.” Says the park's responsible officer.
DNEST has worked for this site for over three months and six more months to go. 

DNEST is a complete drone in-a-box autonomous drone solution, it is the world's first autonomous drone charging station that is compatible with multiple drones at the same time, it is also the first autonomous drone solution that can be operated through mobile phone.DNEST combines automated drone flight, drone charging, remote control, and real-time video capture functions altogether. Its small size and robust canopy design allow it to be deployed in a variety of applications including private villa security, farmland survey, construction site monitoring, etc.