Russian Exclusive Distributor is taken by Nixline
March 1, 2021
HEISHA Exclusive Distributor in Russia is taken by the Nixline company. It is a company that focuses on the agricultural machine.
Autonomous is taking the leading position of agriculture, the machines that Nixline provides including sorting machine, wheat separator, and grain thrower. Service including storage, packaging, and certified product quality control is also part of Nixline's business. As drones' role in agriculture getting closer to the leading level, it is hard to ignore that drones will be a helpful assistant to landowners in the data collection and analysis aspect. From the image capture, storage, and process via cloud service, to data information collection of soil, weeds, and plant diseases, there is no better solution than the flexible drone. 
While DNEST autonomous drone would be the ultimate solution among all drone solutions due to its cost-effective feature, without the cost of hiring professional pilots and software developers, no other drone solution could make the same easy to operate service at such a price. I guess that's why Nixline closes the deal in a really short time and asks for exclusivity in Russia.