The DroneUA has got the Exclusive Distributor of Ukraine
February 4, 2021

Last week, the DroneUA has officially signed the contract and got the Exclusive Distributor of Ukraine. 
DroneUA is the top 3 most innovative enterprise in the agricultural sector of Ukraine according to FORBES. Its unmanned solutions including using drones in precision farming with professional pilots, satellite data and drone data processing, new and cool unmanned technologies and robotic solutions. It also provides the certified service center for warranty and post-warranty services not only for DJI drones but also for Parrot. 
DroneUA has noticed the Heisha drone charging products before the launch of DNEST drone in-a-box. It’s quite a big expense on hiring pilots for a drone service company, but the drone charging pad is not good enough to work outdoor in Ukraine especially in winter. The DNEST autonomous drone solution is close to their expectation, they started to contact us soon after they saw the DNEST video. 
Later when Heisha broadcast about the Exclusive Distributor recruitment, DroneUA finally made their decision as this chance might never happen again. One only needs to buy a DNEST to get the Exclusive Distributor.