The Exclusive Distributor of South Africa belongs to the MRC Drones
February 18, 2021

MRC Drones has joined Heisha Technology in this partnership to close the gap in the drone market, with the MRC Drones provides the ultimate security drone for security and surveillance applications including law enforcement, search and rescue, firefighting, public safety, farm security, mining security, and anti-poaching operations among others. MRC Drones believes that in his country control is key to success.
Heisha DNEST drone in a box solution as an open-source autonomous drone solution enables the security and surveillance mission of a truly unmanned system, and pilot-less is the goal of this drone charging station. By integrating with the waypoint flight setting remotely, self take-off, auto-landing, and self-charging functions, control a flight mission via a laptop thousands of kilometers away is easy.  
The region MRC Drones in has many large farmlands that need to be watched, real-time video and even 720-degree panorama can all be captured by DNEST's Freesky control center. Long before DNEST has been released, MRC Drones started to contact Heisha and waited to reach long-term cooperation.