The Hexa Factory has won the Exclusive Distributor of the South Korea
Hexa Factory has developed the first automatic control parachute for drones in Korea, which takes drone protection as the major purpose of business, to work with such an enterprise, Heisha is honored. 
About the Hexa Factory
The Hexa Factory has been established in 2013 focusing on drone development and drone service including drone rental, drone delivery, and intelligent automatic control drone parachute, etc. Known of the automatic drone is the unstoppable trend, the Hexa Factory and Heisha have chosen the same direction even without knowing the existence of each other. 
About the cooperation
Now as Heisha's DNEST drone in-a-box solution has launched, with the self-landing and self-charging function, and the support of remote control software, all integrated into one device.  After seeing the demonstration of DNEST, the Hexa Factory was undoubted about the automated drone was tested for real, they were so impressive and even hurrayed in the other end of the video demo as they saw their business would be elevated if they got the Exclusive Distributor. Automated drone plus automatic control parachute, what a perfect match!
The recruitment of DNEST Exclusive Distributor is still going, but some countries may already be taken, check this page to find out if your country is still available.