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DNEST drone in a box
DNEST: The Core of Drone-in-a-box Solution 
A whole drone-in-a-box solution isn’t cheap considering the package. If you already had a drone and expected to DIY your drone-in-a-box at the least cost, DNEST is ready to save the day! The basic automated drone charging system with wide compatibility, plus remote controlling APP, charging monitor, and the coolest automated opening shelter, everything you need in a drone-in-a-box system is ready.

HEISHA T3 drone control tower
T3 the simplest pilot-free drone controlling system
HEISHA T3 Drone Control Tower is a pilot-free drone controlling system, it is the easiest, reliable, and high-efficient drone controlling system with the least cost (on professional pilot and equipment). No professional pilot is required to execute a flight mission, any people like a guard or a driver can do it without professional drone technology training. To get real-time aerial data and the following data analysis can be this easy.

D80 drone charging dock
D80 Professional Drone Charging Dock 
The newly upgraded HEISHA D80 Pro drone docking station is simultaneously compatible with 3S battery-based DJI Mavic, Phantom, and 4S battery-based Autel drones, different drones can share the same drone dock at the same time. Several modules including 4G/5G module, omnidirectional antenna, weather sensors, take-off alarm, humidity, and temperature sensor inside the dock station to make D80 the most complete industrial level of drone dock than ever. 
C600 Plus 透明底
DPad Standard Drone Charging Pad 
Neither professional mechanical knowledge nor API management is required, HEISHA DPad drone charging platform includes the charging pad, accessories, and customized API for your specific drone model, DJI drones, multirotor drones, and VTOL fixed-wing, are all compatible. HEISHA tech team will follow all the presale custom and aftersales using guidance, 100% money-back guarantee.


HEISHA Tech, a leading brand of drone self-charging station.
After thousands of test, DNEST drone in-a-box solution is developed under the solo goal of making an easy to use drone charging solution.
HEISHA D-series drone charging solution is a completely open-source platform with the least cost and high reliability to save your developing time and cost.
Cost savings

  • First to go into mass production, with a monthly output of 500 units 
  • Global market layout, largest shipments, proven and approved by a large number of customers. 
  • Self-developed control module, batch purchasing and modeling for volume cost control
Time savings

  • The first manufacturer in the world to build inventory 
  • Flexible product portfolio, according to the requirements of developers, we can provide K100 charging board, DPAD drone auto-charging pad, D80 developer kit 

Robust quality

  • Self-developed 5-in-1 PCB control module to improve the stability of the charging board.
  • The world's largest market share provider 
  • In the course of serving our customers around the world, numerous improvement suggestions and environmental requirements are collected and version iterations are done every three months.

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