HEISHA flexible drone charging and battery swapping custom solutions are open
June 9, 2021

As there are so many different sizes and models of drones in the world, HEISHA drone charging solutions are encountering all kinds of custom orders, two major ones included: HEISHA T3 weather station and different style of drone charging/ battery swapping solution.
T3 weather station & monitoring system
Many customers expressed their interest in our T3 weather station and monitoring system soon after the release of our D80 drone dock, the newly included T3 weather station and monitoring system greatly elevate the performance of the D80 drone charging station for outdoor applications by combining diverse weather sensors, extended-range antenna, monitoring camera, guiding night indicator, AI computer with remote control base. Important weather information including rain, wind, temperature, and humidity will be collected and sent to the command center after processed by the built-in AI computer, which gives this drone docking station quite a push to the industry-grade of performance. It’s still not possible to control the weather, but monitoring the weather and make sure a flight mission is taken under a friendly environment can now be achieved with this T3 weather station. 
The directional extended-range antenna is another eye-catching factor of T3 as it almost doubles the transmission distance and boosts a more stable transmission effect. 
HEISHA drone charging stations can be divided into three major models by size, DNEST drone in a box for the small size of drones like DJI Mavic 2, D80 drone dock for medium size drones including Phantom, and D135 drone docking station for large size drones like DJI Matrice300, which is twice than DNEST. All these drone charging stations are compatible with the T3 weather station. 
ODM Different drone charging or battery swapping types all available
Besides the self-developed canopy design of drone charging docks, many other popular structures HEISHA can provide ODM and OEM service as well.
1. High cabinet drone in-a-box charging solution, the cover opens from one side or two, charging board lifted for take-off. 
2. Low cabinet drone battery swapping solution, the cover opens from one side or two, charging board lifted for take-off (custom for specific drone). 
3. Side-opening drone battery swapping solution, the cover opens from one side, stretching out the centering board, then pulling back to swap the battery. 
4. Side-opening drone charging solution, the cover opens from one side, stretching out the centering board, then pulling back to charge the drone.
5. Low cabinet parcel in-a-box parcel swapping solution, the cover opens from two sides, lifting structure to swap.
6. Ground robot charging station, the cover opens from one side, automatic charging system.

Among all the drone charging solution providers, HEISHA's competitiveness is these:
1. Profound understanding of drone charging solutions and their related applications. The R & D team of HEISHA is led by Mr. Huang, who got a doctorate by studying aerospace engineering. 
2. Powerful development ability of electrical control. The leader of the electrical control team of HEISHA has over 30 years of experience in this field.
3. Outstanding competence in structure and drive system design. The structure designer of the HEISHA drone charging system is a FPV racing drone enthusiast, every single piece of HEISHA drone charging solution is magically combined with a really low failure rate. 
4. Unbeatable capacity for quality and cost control. This shall thank the special location that HEISHA is, Shenzhen, a city famous for numerous factories. All the competitiveness drives the manufacturing technology into the most cost-efficient yet quality promised level, which is not easy to find in other places. HEISHA’s drone charging solutions is testified to be the most economical one after over 3 years of comparison and selection on materials and manufacturing techniques.